Live Forex Trading Software Results Not Just Back-Tests

When A Forex Trading Software Can Pull Profits Live, It Earns It’s Respect

Even though live trading results are far more impressive and sought after than back-tests, it is also important to list some of the impressive background of FapTurbo. We do this because people want to see it all, and we don’t blame them, we want want to know as much as we can also. So let’s look at the history and performance figures of this dangerously accurate Forex software. Remember, this is only a review of the the software, for all the information and videos, please pay a visit to their official website. Check this out…

  • 99.66% Winner Rate
  • Eleven Years of Back-Tests
  • A Drawdown of 0.32%
  • A NET Profit of 10,607%
  • A Total of 14,088 Trades

Forex Trendy

The fact is, FapTurbo is the only Forex trading software that  nails multiple trades in live trading doubling the profitability of its 11 year back-tests. Because trading in the Forex market has advantages such as: A very low start-up cost, the largest market of them all (larger than all the global stocks, futures markets and bonds combined), the most volatile market today, with trading traditional stocks, you have to pay for commision and spread. With Forex however, you only pay for spread!. It’s literally impossible to corner the Forex market, unlike all the other markets. IT DOESN’T MATTER IF THE MARKET MOVES UP OR DOWN! There’s no need for an up-tick in order to short. Lastly, there is no limit in how much you can trade.

Now, when you combine a market like this with a Forex trading software that has already demonstrated how well it performs on autopilot, you simply win again and again. Regardless of the market conditions or whether it moves down or up, the specific algorithms programmed into FapTurbo are fine-tuned to nail profits. You need to go over to their official website and watch it making money in live action trading, by all means, don’t take anyone’s word for it, make sure you see it for yourself.

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